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Fun STEAM-based activities tailor-made for your child

STEAM lab: Open up the workings of the world to your little one!

Merry Moppets Guild is a STEAM based learning program

  • We build the core values of creativity, curiosity, cognitive and critical thinking in children between 2 to 13 years. Our experiments and activities focus on innovative thinking, reasoning and problem solving.
  • STEAM focuses on the application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through Art and design.
  • STEAM integrates these disciplines into interdependent learning units by demonstrating their real-world applications. This approach to learning uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as springboards to inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.
  • STEAM aims to strengthen students’ critical thinking skills and helps them recognize the intersection of different skills or subjects.


Fun-filled science activities to study the world around us


Learn cause and effect with simple projects


Apply science, math and technology to solve problems


Art activities to foster creativity 


Making everyday Math easier and joyful

We lead children through the wonderful world of STEAM with the help of:

• Bite-Sized Science activities under 60 Minutes
• Brain-teasing experiments woven around stories and games
• Immersive projects that inspire young minds to develop their own inferences and express their own opinions
• Customised plans for each age group with an accreditation upon completion
• No classroom-type associations like text books and blackboards
Does this intrigue you and your child? Do go through a few of our projects. 
  • Passionate Instructors
  • Live sessions
  • Assessments
  • Certificates
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