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I’m Bhavani, a postgraduate in Biochemistry and mother to a wonderful little girl. In the early days of motherhood, I knew I wanted to instil two values in her ─ curiosity and creative spirit. I began involving my daughter in hands-on creative projects, which, apart from allowing me to spend quality time with her, also helped develop these values.

Like all experiments, there were a few duds at the beginning. Also, we were stressing over the end result and not having as much fun as I had envisioned. It was at this point that I realized I needed to break away from conventional thinking and try a process involving art and simple science experiments, where children can explore without adult interference. I learnt to take a step back while my daughter found her way through the process at her own pace; and that is when the magic began.
This is when I decided to share this method with the children around me and inspire them to love the STEAM fields through experimentation and play. In 2019, I started the company with a team of two teachers and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Vision and Mission

Our mission is to plant seeds of scientific curiosity in the minds of our children, so they grow and flourish into individuals with critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Other qualities that our approach will foster are numeric, visual and spatial intelligence, reflective thinking, and problem-solving skills.
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Welcome to the world of STEAM – Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math. 

  • Does your child think these are serious, boring topics? Never fear! We’ve developed a fun way to introduce children to the fascinating concepts at the heart of STEAM.
  • MerryMoppetsGuild is a Bangalore-based STEAM Lab that explains STEAM concepts to children in an age-appropriate progression through simple experiments and fun activities.
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Meet our core team

Jayanthi Balakumar

 Jayanthi is an M. Sc in Electronics. She teaches STEAM learning because she thinks it is a fun and effective way to help children understand the concepts of STEAM.

Suhasini N. P

Suhasini is a PGDHRM from Mysore University. She did her Montessori teacher training and NTT at Academy of Excellence Bangalore. Suhasini was a pre-primary teacher till recently, and embarked on this branch of teaching since it gave her a chance to learn and adopt a new educational method that covers all five areas.

Chellam Bhuvaneswari

Bhuvaneswari is a Postgraduate in Physics. She believes that integrating Arts into STEM concepts lays a strong foundation in children to express themselves in diverse creative ways. As a teacher planning and practicing an integrated STEAM curriculum, she feels positive about helping raise future scientists.

Kalpana Chitela

Kalpana is an M.Sc. in Electronics, with an NTT and 5+ years of teaching experience. This lover of Mandala art, cooking and reading believes that science is behind everything and that STEAM gives children the opportunity to learn science.
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