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Lesson series

STEAM Playbook Jr.

This course is designed to provide hands-on learning experience to our learner, aspiring to experience various skills, topics, principles and much more, in a fun and interactive manner.
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What's included?

  • 104 immersive hands-on projects
  • 104 virtual sessions
  • 24 Certification
  • 128 Quizzes
  • 104 Videos
  • 104 PDFs

Purpose, Values + Vision

  • Support student growth by exemplifying their learning
  • Provide the conducive environment to the students for open discussion about the project, thought the stages of Scientific method and usage of Scientific process.
  • Holistic development on a student
  • Assist in critical and creative thinking.


  • Boost self-confidence which helps in improving grades and achievements.
  • Develop child’s ability in presentation expertise and language, through discussions.
  • Elevate autonomous learning
  • Promotes academic improvement, effective communication with people and finding solution for complex problems.
  • Helps students in understanding the views and perspectives of others as well and enhancing the ability to work in teams.

Course Lessons

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