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Lesson series

STEAM playbook Sr.

This course is designed to provide hands-on learning experience to our learner, aspiring to experience various skills, topics, principles and much more, in a fun and interactive manner.
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What's included?

  • 104 immersive hands-on projects
  • 104 Virtual classes
  • 128 Questions
  • 104 Video
  • 104 PDF

Purpose, Values + Vision

  • Support student growth by exemplifying their learning
  • Provide the conducive environment to the students for open discussion about the project, thought the stages of Scientific method and usage of Scientific process.
  • Holistic development on a student
  • Assist in critical and creative thinking.
  • Empower students as future innovators, by developing creativity, innovation, leadership and critical thinking skills.


  • The ability to adapt to change. Given the complex and rapidly changing world we live in, adaptability is perhaps the most marketable skill there is in any field, but especially in STEM.
  • A commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Good communications skills.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Develop child’s ability in presentation expertise and language, through discussions.
  • Empowers students to be curious learners seeking creative solutions to real-world problems; which helps them develop the soft and hard skills necessary to succeed in college, their careers, and wherever else life takes them.

Course Lessons

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